Every dollar made donated.

Every single dollar made will be donated to charities fighting against injustice, discrimination and inequity. Organizations include (but are not limited to): Samaritans Purse, International Justice Mission and Lighthouse Community Church. Thank you for joining us in our advocacy. We believe in the cause. Both with messaging achieved through the shirts and with our finances accomplished through the donations.

The total cost (including overhead, shipping and delivery) of each shirt is around 25$ (long-lasting quality shirts + embroidery is expensive!). Which means every shirt you buy, 10$ is going towards charities.



Embroidered for long-lasting quality

Each shirt is embroidered from a small local business in Calgary. Both small local businesses support each other and by buying from appearance value you support both local businesses.

Embroidery is long lasting and will not fade in the wash. For this reason, some argue that embroidery is a lot more cost effective than printing. When you look at price embroidery is more expensive, but when you look at cost embroidery will save you money in the long run.


1 design. 1 colour. 5 sizes.

At appearance ≠ value, we believe that your worth doesn't come from what you wear, but from who you are. Hence why we only have 1 design (appearance ≠ value) and 1 colour (black).

Our clothing is for anyone and everyone, no matter your size, shape, or gender identity. Hence why we carry sizes ranging from S to XXL. Join us in our mission to eradicate judgement culture and help others feel safe.