About Us

Founder Story:

Our founder Joseph Nguyen often saw teenagers and young adults spend hundreds and sometimes, thousands of dollars on clothes to attempt to fit in. He hoped that as he grew older, time would solve this issue as people became more mature. Joseph was dissapointed to see that the same game was played; instead of flexing sneakers, people measured others worth based on how high-end their suits, dresses, cars and houses were. He then found out the average person spends $1,914.80 Canadian Dollars per year to try to fit in via clothing and decided to start a movement that counteracts the toxic-comparison trend.

Joseph wanted to not just start a movement with a message but he wanted people to proudly wear that message publicly on their chest and share the message with others. He also wanted to make the product out of quality materials while keeping it affordable, to maximize on impact, he also decided to donate the profits to charities.

Thus, appearance ≠ value was born.